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Alice in Wonderland Notebook


A beautiful Alice in Wonderland notebook for all fans of this wonderful story and would make a wonderful addition to any writer’s notebook collection.

Alice in Wonderland Zipped Pouch


Why not add to your stationery collection with this beautifully illustrated Alice in Wonderland Zipped Pouch? All your pencil storage problems will be gone and you’ll be able to enjoy showing your beautiful case to all your writing friends. It makes a great gift too!

Alternative Use Pencils


Ever wondered about the alternative uses for pencils? Well this alternative use pencils set could give you the answers you need.

Inspirational Pens for Writers


Want a way to motivate yourself when stuck in a plot hole? These inspirational pens for writers could be just what you need. Now get cracking!

Inspirational Pens in a Mug


You know when you need a little bit of writing motivation? These inspirational pens in a mug could be just what you need to record your thoughts. And if you need something stronger than tea or coffee in your mug, we won’t tell a soul.

Peter Pan Notebook


Fancy taking flight and making your notes in this beautiful Peter Pan notebook? With a limited edition Moleskine design, this is a truly beautiful addition to any notebook collection.

Procrastination Pencils


Ever wondered how to beat procrastination? Well these procrastination pencils are just what you need to urge you into better writing habits.

Sharpener Desk Tidy


If you’re in need of a novel way to keep your desk clutter free, this sharpener desk tidy could be just the answer. No extra large pencils needed!

The Little Prince Zipped Pouch


Do you need a lovely new accessory to your stationery collection? Do you fancy a little adventure into the desert and need somewhere to store your important items? Well look no further than The Little Prince Zipped Pouch.

Wizard of Oz Sticky Notes


Find yourself a little forgetful? Why not use one of this pack of Wizard of Oz Sticky Notes to keep your ideas somewhere safe – they’ll look gorgeous too!

Writers Notebook


Whether you’re an aspiring writer or an established one, this lovely writer’s notebook is just what you need to capture your ideas.