So you’ve got a manuscript or a blog that you need proofread? Well, as an experienced writer I can offer you a great service.

Did I also mention that I used to be a teacher? Yup, my beady eye has been cast over many a piece of work and so I have an impressive attention to detail. Don’t worry though, my red pen won’t make an appearance!

So now you can picture me with some half-moon spectacles perched on the end of my nose and my hair tied back into a no-nonsense bun, let me tell you a little bit more about what I can offer.

  • Printing your manuscript/piece of work is the way I proofread best – I find it much easier to read something on paper than on a screen.
  • I read everything aloud as I believe it’s the best way to find mistakes in a piece of work.
  • As I read it through aloud I circle mistakes and errors and write corrections on the paper copy.
  • I then go back to your manuscript/work on the screen and put in any changes using the Track Changes feature on Word.
  • Once I’ve been through your manuscript several times, I send it back to you for your consideration.
  • If you’re happy with everything, my job is done and your work is ready to go out into the world. Hurrah!

So what type of work do I proofread?

  • Non-fiction books
  • Novellas
  • Blog posts – I often do this on a retainer for companies who publish regular content.
  • Reports
  • Newsletters

If you have a fiction manuscript that you’d like me to consider, please get in touch via the contact page and I’ll see what I can do!

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For prices, please see my Packages and Prices page.