Yoga for Writers: Get your Asana into Gear

The life of a writer is hardly a healthy one.

Sneaky treats tempt us at every turn and if we cut ourselves, we bleed coffee.

Sitting for a large proportion of the day can cause our posture to suffer and our necks to stiffen. Our wrists can ache and our lower backs can throb.

At the end of a day of writing, we hobble around like Quasimodo.

Yoga for Writers

Yoga, however, can be a writer’s best friend. It has many benefits including:

  • Building your muscle strength, including your core.
  • Improving your flexibility.
  • Protecting your joints and spine.
  • Improving your posture.
  • Helping you focus and enhancing your mood.

For a comprehensive list, please see this post by the Yoga Journal here.

So now you know about the benefits, how do you know which type of yoga to do? How do you know if this is the best type of yoga for writers?

Well look no further! Below is a selection of the best sessions of yoga for writers from the YouTube channel, Yoga with Adriene. Adriene has a wide variety of yoga videos and I have been doing them for years – she’s a great teacher.

Some are quick sessions you can complete every day to keep pain at bay, while others are ones to participate in when you have more time. Whichever one you choose, you’re sure to feel the benefits.

1. Yoga for Writers: Wrist Pain

As writers, we can suffer from wrist pain due to the repetitive nature of hitting the keyboard. This video not only focuses on the wrists but also on the arms, shoulders and upper back. The first video lasts just over 20 minutes, whereas the second video is much shorter and can be done daily.

2. Yoga for Writers: Neck Pain

Our necks can suffer when we have our chairs/desks at the wrong height or when we sit with hunched shoulders. A standing desk can help so that is a possible option – this post by Joanna Penn gives ideas on how to adapt your current workspace accordingly. Here are two sessions from Adriene that are great remedies for neck pain.

3. Yoga for Writers: Back Pain

Sitting for long periods can play havoc with our lower back and lumbar region. It is important to maintain a good writing posture as much as possible, but it isn’t always easy. After a long writing session, these videos can help to loosen any tightness and protect our backs from damage.

4. Yoga for Writers: Hip Pain

In order to reduce pain in our hips from extended periods of sitting, working on maintaining open and flexible hip flexors is a necessity. You can do this a little each day by sitting on the floor with the soles of your feet together and relaxing your knees towards the floor. If that isn’t enough, try this video and see if it helps.

5. Yoga for Writers: The Mind

As well as its numerous physical benefits, yoga can help writers with their focus and their inner critic too. Simply taking part in regular yoga sessions enables you to have the time to clear your mind of any nagging thoughts or worries. It provides much needed ‘you time’ and can help bring clarity to your thoughts. Here are a couple of videos that have worked wonders for me.

6. Personal Favourites

I have been following Adriene for several years now and there are a few of her videos that I come back to time and time again. Two of them provide further great examples of yoga for writers and I have included them here.


Keeping our bodies in tip-top shape is important so that we stay physically healthy. We can have great ideas for stories, but we won’t be able to write them if we’re in pain.

By practising yoga regularly we can maintain a healthy writer’s body and avoid the strain injuries that can befall authors of any age.

I hope that you roll out your yoga mats and give Adriene’s videos a try. Your body will thank you for it, I promise.

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