‘Fantastic experience working with Stephanie. I gave her quite a substantial job and the end product was exactly what I wanted. She has a clear, engaging writing style that was perfect for this book.’

Brendan Brown from Expert Editor

So you’ve got a non-fiction book that you’d love someone to write for you, but you’re not sure who to hire? Maybe you’ve got an outline, but don’t feel as though you have the skills to get the book into a finished product? Perhaps you have a great idea, but you hate writing so you need someone to do that bit for you?

Whatever situation you’re in and whatever the reason is for needing a non-fiction ghostwriter, I’m here to help!

Luckily for you I’m an experienced writer. With three, published non-fiction books under my belt, as well as others I have ghostwritten for clients, I am just the person you need to develop your book into something your readers will love.

As you may have noticed, I write in a particular style. In all my books I aim to be:

  • Informative in a humorous and engaging way.
  • Practical – by including action steps at the end of key chapters.
  • Passionate about the subject I’m writing about – I believe that a writer’s passion flows through their fingers and out onto the page.
  • Concise – no one likes a waffler…yawn!
  • Motivating – giving the reader a book that inspires them to go out there and try their hand at a new skill.

So how will working with me give you the book you desire? Well it’s simple really. You give me your initial ideas and I go away and scratch my head for a while.

Once said scratching is complete, I come back to you with my initial thoughts as well as possible chapter headings.

You give me a big thumbs up and a smile or tell me to go back and scratch my head a little more.

Once we’ve come up with a suitable outline, I set to work and write the first draft. Upon completion, I whizz it over to you and you give me some feedback. You tell me the bits you love as well as the bits you think need further development.

As soon as I have your notes and feedback, I get to work on polishing that bad boy into the best book you could ask for.


There are only a few things I need from a client in order to ghostwrite a book and they are:

  • Communication

It’s great if we can converse regularly over email. Don’t worry, I won’t plague your inbox with daily emails, but I will need to get in touch to clarify things and ask any pertinent questions.

  • A Rough Outline

It’s great to hear all your ideas, especially who your audience is and the key elements I must include. If you have ideas for chapter titles, great! I think this should be a collaborative project so hit me with your initial thoughts and I’ll see what I can do.

  • Space

Now I know you’re probably scratching your head at this one. But once we’ve done our initial chats, I need the space to write the book. I will give you a realistic idea of a completion date for the first draft and, of course, you’re welcome to have updates, but every day? Erm…not really. Trust me to get the job done and I’ll make you proud, I promise.

  • Trust

Oops, did I say that one already? Listen, I know this book is probably your baby, but I’m a professional, I’ll get that thing written and written well. That’s my promise to you. Just for a little while, you need to give that baby to me and let me care for it. I won’t forget to feed it or nourish it, and I’ll watch it grow into the book it was meant to be…

So there you have it, that’s my ghostwriting service in a nutshell.

I love writing and I love helping clients get their books out into the world. I thrive on taking your message and turning it into a captivating experience for your audience.

Here are just a few niches that I have particular expertise in:

  • Self-improvement
  • Personal Development
  • Productivity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Education
  • Parenting
  • Healthy Lifestyle

This is not to say I won’t be able to help you with your niche if it doesn’t fall into any of these categories – I enjoy research and can turn my hand to most things. If I don’t think I’ll do a good enough job on a particular topic, I’ll be honest and tell you.


All information about my ghostwriting fees can be found on my Prices and Payments page. Please note that a deposit for half of the writing fee is due when you accept my initial outline.