Freelance Writing

So you want to publish a non-fiction book, but you need a ghostwriter to get the darn thing written? Well, look no further because that ghostwriter is here!

As a successful non-fiction author with three books under my belt, one of which has been No.1 in its category, I can write a book for you that will:

  • Give your reader all the necessary information in an easily digestible way.
  • Have an engaging and entertaining feel to it.
  • Provide the reader with the confidence to apply strategies or action steps in your chosen niche.
  • Highlight your own expertise and knowledge.
  • Help to further your business through potential speaking engagements and training.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here are some of the 5* reviews from books I have previously written!

‘I have a place on Teach First and was nervous about behavioural management more than anything else. This is the first book I have purchased and I already feel more confident, I found it informative and thought provoking! It has lots of useful tips and I am so glad I read it. A must read for new teachers!’ (Lucy Anderson, via Amazon)

‘This is a wonderfully honest and down to earth approach to behaviour management for newly qualified teachers. The book is like having a mentor to guide you through your first year. Stephanie leads with plenty of examples, honesty, humor and actionable tips to get you started teaching and thrive while doing it. The three key principles she outlines really resonated with me: Respect, Humor and Consistency. When I think back to all the teachers I loved they had that magic triad working for them. I highly recommend this book to anyone starting out working with children in any capacity – not just a schoolroom.’ (G. Mitchell, via Amazon)

‘Powerful, practical and based on a decade of research at the chalk face.
I whole heartedly recommend this book to anyone in teaching, at any stage of their teaching career. It will give you fresh insights to behaviour management and remind you of what and why you have chosen the path of teaching.’ (Paul Rogan, via Amazon)

For more reviews and information about my own non-fiction books, check out my Amazon author page here.

Blog Posts

I regularly write for other publications and you can find examples of my work if you click on the link below. I am well-organised, thorough with research and carefully follow the guidelines that you give me.

As you can probably tell, I use a conversational tone, yet strive for the posts to be as informative and as helpful as possible. I enjoy researching a variety of topics, but my main areas of expertise and interest are:

  • Writing
  • Self-improvement
  • Productivity
  • Habits
  • Success
  • Education/Teaching
  • Parenting
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN)
  • Wellbeing

Book Reviews

I love, love, love children’s literature and regularly record/write book reviews for publishers and authors. I mainly read and review middle-grade fiction, but I’m always willing to take a peek at some YA or picture books.


The prices below reflect my experience and dedication to providing you with the best content possible, whether that’s for an ebook or content for your blog.


10,000-word book – £699

20,000 word book – £999

25,000 words+ – please contact me for a quote


500 word blog post – £100

1000 word blog post – £250

2000 word blog post – £350


No charge